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QUICK 850A Heat Gun Soldering Station Air Pump Hot Air Gun Desoldering Station For SMD BGA Soldering Rework Station 110V/220V

–Quick 850A+ Anti-Static SMD Rework Station. –Airflow: 24L/min(max) –Outer dimension: 185x125x245mm –Power : 320W –Temperature: 150°C~500°C

Use: 1. Suitable for desoldering of most surface mount parts of circuit boards, such as SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA, etc.

2, suitable for shrinkage of the shrinkage tube.

3. Suitable for removing small debris.

4, suitable for electronic components to drive the tide.

Functional :

1, the main components such as heating wire, can be connected to the silicon frame and other international famous products, nozzles and international brands.

 2, anti-static design to prevent damage to the PCB board software due to static electricity or leakage.

 3, no need to contact the solder joint soldering method, can avoid parts displacement and thermal shock.

4, can greatly adjust the size of the air flow and temperature, can be soldered QFP, SOP type IC or other types of IC. (Welding and tin removal can be made according to different requirements.)

 5, Shutdown after the completion of the welding work, can delay the supply of air, delay the heating body and the life of the handle.

 6, withstand strong pulse current impact. Do not burn the machine.

 7. Wide application voltage range: can be used in the range of 100VAC~250VAC


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